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Tooth Tonic offers a wholesome alternative to toothpaste. It provides complete care for teeth and gums, helping to protect them against damaging bacteria that can cause swollen, inflamed, sensitive, bleeding gums, as well as toothaches, decay and bad breath. Tooth Tonic has no toxic chemicals, harsh abrasives or sugar. The powerful healing properties of the oils nourish and support teeth and gums. All ingredients have been carefully chosen for their strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties; some have unique tissue regenerating properties that can aid in cases of gum disease.

The different flavours

Mint Tooth Tonic suits those who like the subtle freshness of mint but don't want the minty intensity of Mint Plus. It's loaded with health-giving essential oils that will clean and nourish your gums and teeth. As an added bonus you can put a couple of drops on your finger, then rub on your teeth as an instant breath freshner. For a pocket size try our 5ml bottle (available in the Mini Oral Care Travel Pack).

Mint Plus will leave your mouth with a very strong, fresh mint flavour. And, it's multi-purpose: you can also use it as a mouth wash (simply place a drop in a small glass of water, swish in your mouth for a minute, then spit). Put a drop on your finger, then rub on your teeth as an instant breath freshner.

Fennel Tooth Tonic has a sweet and refreshing Fennel flavour (similar to licorice) which will leave your taste buds wanting more. It contains the same powerful ingredients as the 'Mint' version, except without the mint essential oil. So if you love licorice, you will adore our Fennel Tooth Tonic. 

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TOOTH TONIC by Tooth Faerie

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