SAN-AIR Mould Gone Reactive Gel 75g

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Prevent toxic mould existing in your home

SAN-AIR is the only toxic mould control and prevention product that uses 100% natural sustainable ingredients.

SAN-AIR prevents the mould from growing in your home. It attacks the mould before it has a chance to take hold.

If you already have a mould problem SAN-AIR Mould Gone Reactive Gel (formerly Bio-Clean Gel) will attack the mould and make it easy for you to clean away. Once the mould is cleaned away SAN-AIR Mould Gone Reactive Gel will continue to maintain the health of your home so that you get full protection and prevention from toxic mould 24/7.

If you find you are using a lot of damp removing products and still getting mould, then it’s time to use SAN-AIR


SAN-AIR proprietary essentials oils, purified water, natural binding agents.

SAN-AIR products will remove mould and bacteria in your indoor air space ensuring that you breathe clean air.

Product details

  • Lifetime: 4 – 6 weeks once opened. 2 years if left unopened.
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Indoor Coverage:
    • 1 jar per household room
    • If you have access to your premise’s home air-conditioning system return air vent. You can place the jar on top of the grating and this will spread the product more thoroughly throughout your home/office.

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SAN-AIR Mould Gone Reactive Gel 75g

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