Re-useable Beeswax Food Wrap (1 x Extra Large) By Kitchentopia

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Single Extra Large Beeswax Wrap by Kitchentopia

The Extra Large Wrap is the Largest wrap. Designed for all your bigger foods like Celery, Spring Onions, all your Melons, a Small Loaf of Bread and it's also great for wrapping your delicious home cooked oven tray meals. (Make sure the tray is cool before wrapping)

Design's chosen at random.

1x XL - 33x45cm

Made with love from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Tree Resin, Coconut oil and Beeswax

These wraps are a great formula of high quality. Perfectly thin, slightly sticky, and long lasting.


Because of plastic pollution. Plastic cling wrap is one of the worst single-use plastics which end up somewhere on our planet, hopefully not in the ocean, and stay there for hundred's of years. 

Plastic cling wrap: Use 1 time, lasts 100's of years.

Beeswax Wraps: Use 100's of times, lasts in a compost for 3- 6 months before going back into the earth.

- Reusable

- Compostable

- Naturally Antibacterial 

- Beautiful

Enough said.

HOW DO I USE MY BEESWAX WRAPS? Use your wraps the same way you would use plastic cling wrap. Wrap up vegetables, fruits, cheese and bread or seal bowls and plates. Our wraps stick to themselves, but for an airtight seal, use the warmth of your hands to shape the wrap to your food or bowl. 

PS: Can't open up a jar? Use our wraps to open up any jar you can't get a grip on.

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY BEESWAX WRAPS? Caring for your wraps is simple. Just wash with cold soapy water, dry and re-use. Make sure you get the maximum life out of your wraps by avoiding any contact with heat.


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Re-useable Beeswax Food Wrap (1 x Extra Large) By Kitchentopia
Re-useable Beeswax Food Wrap (1 x Extra Large) By Kitchentopia

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