Cotton Wipes from Ekko Magic

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These amazing little wipes are about the size of a 5 cent coin but add a few drops of water and voila they magically grow into an amazing 100% naturally composting lint free cotton cloth for all sorts of applications.

Ekkos are pure cotton fibre wipes this is what makes them so versatile.

Can be used and re-used for many purposes; From Babies to BBQ’s, Medical uses, Cooking and preserving food, chemical free cleaning, use ekko and water on all surfaces in your home, windows, stainless steel,your car, motorbike, at work, computers TV, microscope lenses, camera lenses etc.

Ekkos will revert back to their fibre state but are still very use-able.

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Cotton Wipes from Ekko Magic
Cotton Wipes from Ekko Magic

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