Himalayan Salt Stone Bar

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Contains 84 minerals and trace minerals that provide therapeutic benefits for eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, athletes foot, warts and insect bites. Will leave your skin fresh, smooth and healthy. For sensitive skin rub the bar on your hands or washcloth, then apply to your skin with hands or washcloth. 

Naturally antibacterial. Himalayan Stones are well known and an effective remedy for relieving the symptoms of skin irritations. 

Other Useful applications: 

  • Use as a pumice stone, rub on the soles of feet to exfoliate and soften dry skin
  • Can be used in place of soap or as a deodorant bar. - wet the salt bar and pat onto the skin. 
  • Put the salt bar in the bar with you, or soak it in the bath - the salt and lovely minerals will nourish your skin.
  • Use with massage oils directly on the skin. The salt will absorb the oils and become smoother with use, while infusing the skin with vital minerals.For extra indulgence incorporate essential oils into your oil blend.  

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Himalayan Salt Stone Bar

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