Fortified Defence - Wild Oregano & Olive Leaf Extract

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Fortified Defence is a blend of two of the most powerful natural products available – Wild Oregano Oil and Fresh Olive Leaf Extract. This combination works synergistically to help the body fight viruses and bacteria, along with many other common health concerns such as described below. Wild Oregano Oil and Fresh Olive Leaf extract is now conveniently combined in one product – “Fortified Defence”

The recommended dosage is just 5ml in juice once a day or as prescribed by your healthcare professional – remember to shake well before use.

Oregano essential oil is a potent source of Carvacrol which possesses antibacterial properties and more…

Aids Respiratory conditions associated with the symptoms of colds and flu
Relief of Rheumatic pain
Treatment of fungal infections
Helpful for gastro intestinal health
Aids digestion and circulation
Helps boost the immune system
Treatment of fungal infections
General Health Tonic
Fresh Olive Leaf Extract is a potent source of Oleuropein

Helps maintain a healthy Cardiovascular system
Supports normal heart function
Aids vascular system
Enhance the functioning of the immune system
Aid the management of Viral infections
Powerful Antioxidant (400% more than the equivalent amount of Vitamin C)

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Fortified Defence - Wild Oregano & Olive Leaf Extract

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