Parker 99r Safety Razor

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The Parker Heavy Dut, Unisex safety razor comes with a twist to open butterfly mechanism for easy blade replacement. Simply, twist the knob on the bottom of the razor to open the butterfly doors and replace the blade. The Parker 99R provides perfect balance and the knurling allows an excellent grip even when the fingers are wet.
Moreover, the brass made Parker 99R razor is chrome plated. Chrome has been used in the manufacture of this double edge safety razor not only for its superb corrosive resistance properties, but also for its rich silver mirror finish.
Its dimensions and handling are very much inspired by late 19th century razors whilst the styling is contemporary yet understated. 
This is a great option for men and the ladies looking for a simple and stylish razor.
With its 'Butterfly' opening - sometimes referred to 'Twist To Open' mechanism you'll have no problem safely and quickly changing the blades! It is undoubtedly the simplest and safest way to insert the traditional double edge safety razor blades.
This textured handle gives extra grip for those slippery moments in the shower. 
  • The polished nickel handle will not disappoint
  • It's well weighted at a hefty 100g in weight
  • Has a longer than normal handle at 10.1cms.
  • Beautifully balanced, this razor will give a close, comfortable shave every time.
This is smooth shaving that will last a lifetime! To help your blades last longer, dry your razor and store it outside your shower when not in use. 

Blades are not included however a range of affordable and durable blades are available for purchase! 

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Parker 99r Safety Razor
Parker 99r Safety Razor

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