Palo Santo Fruit Essential oil

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Hundreds of centuries ago, the indigenous tribes of southern Ecuador and northern Peru discovered that within their variety of healing plants, they had one in particular full of benefits for the soul and body, called the palo santo tree. (Bursera Graveolens).

They had the belief that the Pachamama (mother nature) was connected to them, giving them home, food, spirituality and everything necessary to live in harmony with her. This is why they discovered attributes in palo santo never seen before in other plants, attributes that worked as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and even muscle relaxants, all thanks to its highly concentrated components such as D-limonene.

The palo santo was also considered a sacred element in spiritual rituals carried out within the tribes. They used it as a cleanser of harmful energies and a purifier of the soul. Nowadays, it is used in homes for the same purpose, it helps to sleep well, stimulate concentration and reduce stress, thanks to its delicious and particular aroma and content.

Palo Santo Fruit Essential oil