Manuka Honey Balm

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Manuka Honey Balm is a formula with nutrient rich oils, Active Manuka Honey, Vitamins A + E, and antioxidants. Improves dry, ageing, or damaged skin. Manuka Honey Balm is head to toe skin care in one product. A daily facial moisturiser, hydrating, replenishing for glowing healthy skin.

Manuka Honey Balm™ is recommended for use twice daily. As an everyday moisturiser, under makeup cream the Balm is smooth and absorbs without shiny, oily residue. For men the balm is  great for after shaving, daily moisturiser and skin irritations.

If the skin is really suffering use Manuka Honey Balm up to four times daily.  This would apply to sunburn, eczema, acne, eczema, dermatitis, wrinkled and lacklustre skin.

Honey is a like a liquid skin. Pollution, sun damage, air conditioning, stress and diet all impact the way our skin looks and feels. The purest of plant extracts, oils and essences. We use the highest quality natural ingredients.  Safe and gentle.


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Manuka Honey Balm
Manuka Honey Balm
Manuka Honey Balm

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