GINGIBAMS bar - Turmeric Life

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The GINGIBAMS are formulated with a range of herbs, spices, with ginger, to create a ginger and turmeric bar that is a tastebud sensation. Designed as a nutritional bar for those for those suffering from compromised immune systems, arthritis, inflammation and other general health concerns. 

4 portions in every bar.

INGREDIENTS: Dates, cacao powder, turmeric powder, almond meal, cashews, sultana, chia meal, pepitas, linseed meal, ginger, coconut oil, cinnamon, hazelnuts, cacao butter, rose hips, black pepper, curcumin, sea salt.

We recommend those that have not had Turmeric Life bars or bites leading up to or during pregnancy to consult a practitioner prior to consuming these bites. As turmeric (and its active ingredient curcumin), may alter levels of hormone estrogen in one's body and may also trigger early labour and other health concerns.

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GINGIBAMS bar - Turmeric Life
GINGIBAMS bar - Turmeric Life

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