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Drink Bottle 3.8L (BPA Free) - Enviro Products

Drink Bottle 3.8L (BPA Free) - Enviro Products

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Enviro Products 3.8L Drink Bottle is the perfect size to take it to picnics, keep it in the car or wherever you need to carry large volumes of water. It has a screw lid which is attach to the bottle so you can't lose it and a carry handle making it easy to carry from and drink from when necessary.

- Made from Eastar Resin (Also known as Eastman's Tritan) 

- Light weight and easy to carry

- BPA free

- Has a moulded handle large so easy to carry when exercising, hiking or other activities

- Is made with a stainless steel cap that is attached to a nylon strap

- No plastic taste or odour

- Recyclable

-Simple to clean

This bottle is not recommended for freezing as this may cause the bottle to crack or break.

Tritan is a cutting-edge material made from pure copolyster, safe for humans & the environment. FREE from BPA, BPS, Halogens, Sulphur, Nitrogen, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Heaxalent Chromium, Phenanthrene.   They have the transparency of glass without the bulkiness or heaviness of glass containers.


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