Book- DIY Pure Plant Skin Care By Carolyn Stubbin

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Would you like to learn how to make luscious creams to moisturise your skin, gorgeous soaps to lather up with, relaxing bath soaks to calm your spirit and healing ointments to repair your skin?

Learn how to make customized aromatherapy and herbal skin care preparations to suit your skin type and a range of remedies for various skin conditions.

In this hard cover, second edition of Do It Yourself Pure Plant Skin Care, you will find many new recipes and be introduced to new ingredients.

There are over 300 recipes and among them you will find powders and pastes for cleaning your teeth and simple colour cosmetics such as blush, face powder and eye colours, shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as recipes featuring unique Australian ingredients.

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Book- DIY Pure Plant Skin Care By Carolyn Stubbin

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