Blue Clay

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Our Superfine French Blue Clay is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Blue clay tightens and purifies pores and improves circulation by stimulating blood flow.

Useful as a poultice or as a bath soak to help with arthritis, sore muscles, sprains, bruises, minor burns, insect bites and stress relief.

Can also be used as a natural colourant for skin care and soap.

Note: Colour is a Blue/ Green.

How to make a facial mask: Clay mixed with only purified water gives wonderful results. You can also enhance clay’s beneficial effects by adding 1 or 2 drops or essential oil, 4-5 drops of Wheatgerm, Jojoba or our Sweet Almond oil. Natural substances can also be added to the mix such as egg yolk or honey to the basic clay preparation.

Tools Needed

-A small bowl made from wood, porcelain, glass or pottery

- A Wooden spoon or spatula

- 1 level tablespoon of our superfine French clay

- 1-2 table spoons of purified water or floral water (Rose, lavender or Chamomile)

- A facial cloth


  • Scoop clay into a bowl. Slowly add the water and mix with the wooden spoon until a light, smooth and creamy paste is obtained. Note: the paste should be firm enough (but not thick) to be applied to the face with your fingers or a small wood spatula
  • Let the preparation rest for 5 minutes
  • Apply the clay paste to the skin in a thin layer (approximately 5mm), leaving the eyes and lips uncovered.
  • Leave the mask on for 10 – 20 min or until the clay has started drying.
  • Wipe the clay off with the face cloth soaked with lukewarm water.
  • Complete the treatment with one of our natural oils or Handmade Naturals Rosehip and Jojoba Face Cream

How To Make a Poultice:

Mix into a thick paste with purified water and apply to a piece of gauze. Apply the gause with the clay side down to the effected area and hold in place with tape. Leave for up to 2 hours. Discard poultice after use.

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Blue Clay

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