CHICKIBAMS Bites- Turmeric Life

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The all-new Turmeric bar consists of a range of spices, berries, chocolate and other natural and vegan ingredients that are formulated together to provide a bar that tastes life a choc-berry brownie. 

Created to soothe women's bodies and tastebuds, with ingredients that may assist in a range of hormone balance and women's general health. These convenient individual wrapped bites are the perfect on-the-go turmeric bites for busy people!

All natural, vegan, gluten-free, nutritionally available.

 INGREDIENTSDates, chia seed, cacao powder, dark chocolate kibble, dried cranberry, turmeric powder, glycerol, coconut oil, cinnamon powder, linseed meal, black pepper, powder, almond meal, pepitas pieces, Brazil nuts, ginger powder, Sultanas, cacao butter, HSP, sea salt, curcumin extract, Astaxanthin, lactospore probiotic, maca powder, figs, MSM, bromelain, St Mary’s thistle powder (Silybum Marianum), shatavari root (asparagus) powder, Schisandra berry powder, ashwagandha powder, rose hip powder, nannochloropsis algae powder. 


Dr. Doug's Recommended Use

  • Fertility/Pregnancy*: 1 bite x 3 daily
  • Menopause: 1 bite x 3-4 daily (depends on symptom severity)
  • Weight Loss/Management: 1 bite x 2 daily
  • In Good Health: 1 bite x 2 daily
  • Low Immunity: 1 bite x 3 daily
  • High-Intensity Sports: 1 bite x 2 daily + extra bite post-workout

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CHICKIBAMS Bites- Turmeric Life
CHICKIBAMS Bites- Turmeric Life
CHICKIBAMS Bites- Turmeric Life

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