African Black Soap Body Wash

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Natural Moisturising Liquid African Black Soap Bodywash with Coconut & Neem oil

Made with certified organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, certified organic Shea butter, neem oil, cocoa potash and purified water.

For centuries, Africans have used African Black Soap to help relieve various skin issues. Many swear by it for treating skin irritations and conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, acne, oily skin and blemishes. This raw, all natural soap is made from the best quality ingredients, and is used for bathing, washing hair and removing make-up.

Best-selling African Black Soap in liquid form with a convenient pump bottle. This African Black Soap Bodywash creates a rich lather, luxuriously cleansing your skin and hair and leaving them clean and soft.

African Black Soap Body Wash