Black Teeth Whitener and Remineraliser by Tooth Tonic

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Cleanse and whiten teeth with healthy and edible ingredients.

Use pea size amount twice weekly on toothbrush. Avoid using whilst on medication as absorption of coconut charcoal and clay may obstruct medication effectiveness.

Black Whitener is a black powder made from food grade certified organic ingredients. It whitens while remineralising and maintaining healthy strong teeth (for a list of ingredients go to the Ingredients page). Please do not over-use; once or twice weekly at most. It is not designed as a daily routine, as it is abrasive. (Hint: if you close your mouth while brushing it will not be so messy and you won't frighten yourself in the mirror ;-). Personally, I swallow it, which helps keep the area clean and puts these healthy organic food grade ingredients into my body to assist internally as well as whitening my teeth.

Best used in conjunction with Tooth Tonic by The Tooth Faerie.

Ingredients: actived coconut charcoal, Bentonite clay, Coral calcium, Licorice root and Turmeric.

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Black Teeth Whitener and Remineraliser by Tooth Tonic

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