Wheat Free Heat Pack from Spot Pack

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Hit the Spot with one of our adorable Spot Pack Heat packs!

This Heat pack is made using a durable cotton drill fabric. It has both an inner and outer bag for easy washing. The inner bag is sewn in sections so as to avoid all the contents falling to one side.

Spot Pack Heat packs are filled with a natural, Australian grown legume; Lupin seed and Lavender Buds.
We have found lupin seed to retain the heat for longer then other contents and are nearly odourless when heated.
They are also less likely to attract bugs like weevils.

Warning: Do not use if you have a peanut allergy. (Peanuts are part of the legume family)

Place across shoulders, stomach, back or other body areas.
Applying a heat pack to an aching body part provides almost instant relief from pain and stiffness.
Deep and penetrating heat not only relieves your pain but also enhances your recovery process.

- Reduce muscular cramps, aches & period pain instantly!
- Chemical and drug free pain relief. Ready in minutes straight from your microwave or 20 minutes in the oven.
- Option to use as both a hot or cold pack. A no-fuss alternative to a hot water bottle.  -Heating time- 2 minutes

Bags are supplied in random assorted colours. Please advise in the customer comment section on the checkout page if you have any special colour/print  requirements (eg: for a male or a child etc).

Size: 40cms x 17cms

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Wheat Free Heat Pack from Spot Pack

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