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Lemon Myrtle – and mix of Carnauba wax and Canola Oil for a smooth shiny finish.

This Timber furniture polishing oil is easy to use and gives your timber furniture an instant shiny protective layer that isn’t greasy. Apply by using a dry microfibre cloth and buff after if required with a separate dry microfibre cloth. Use sparingly very little is required to achieve a highly shiny desirable finish.

OurEco Clean Timber polish is a mix of carnauba wax (from the Brazilian tree of life) and canola oil. This polish restores timber furniture leaving a smooth shiny finish, with no sticky residue. Our polish is designed for regular use on timber furniture. 

Ingredients; Canola Oil, Carnauba Wax, 100% Essential Oil Lemon Myrtle

Timber Furniture Polish - Our Eco Home