Elektra Magnesium Cream 'Sensory Gold'

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For dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, muscle cramps, joint pain, restless legs, stress and tension.

A desert spoon full provides 300mg of elemental magnesium.

‘Sensory GOLD’ Elektra Magnesium Cream has a light blend of exotic Asian favourite essential oils of Michelia Champaka flower, Sandalwood, Elemi and Petitgrain, reminiscent of a delicate incense that lifts the spirit and calms the soul.  It is designed for those with medium to dry skin type and offers a luxurious creamy texture for skin barrier protection and hydration.

Elektra Magnesium Cream 'Sensory Gold'
Elektra Magnesium Cream 'Sensory Gold'