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Head Lice Lotion by Roseneath Organics

Head Lice Lotion by Roseneath Organics

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Given the impact that chemical exposure can have on our long term health, it is becoming fairly obvious that the insecticides present in the vast majority of commercial head-lice products are simply just not suitable.

We feel that parents have the right to be informed of a safer, natural alternative for their children.

With our Head Lice Lotion you get the safest, most effective natural ingredients combined into a single formulation.

This lotion is gentle on the scalp and the hair.
This lotion is all natural and contains NO nasty chemicals and NO synthetic pesticides
This lotion tends to stay where it is put and generally will not run all over the place as it is applied

Roseneath Head Lice Lotion has been university tested and was found to be 96% effective.

Contains - Paramagnetic Mineral Extract Cold Pressed Neem Oil Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil GM Free Rice Bran Oil Vegetable Glycerine Ethanol Lecithin Sesame Oil Flaxseed Oil Organic Echinacea Extract Lavender Essential Oil Organic Garlic Extract Organic Lemon Balm Extract Organic Roman Wormwood Extract Rosemary Essential Oil Star Anise Essential Oil Citronella Essential Oil Pine Oil Extract Wild Thyme Essential Oil Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil Sweet Orange Essential Oil Eucalyptus Essential Oil Xanthan Gum Guar Gum

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