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Eco Dental Floss - Cleanr Crates

Eco Dental Floss - Cleanr Crates

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The Eco floss by Cleanr Crates is made from bamboo fibre and charcoal infused polyester to keep it strong and durable. The thread is coated in soy wax and has a fresh minty flavour. 

It is packaged in an all recyclable glass jar, metal lid and kraft cardboard box, completely plastic free packaging. 

Cleanr Crates (like ourselves) have researched the topic of environmental dental floss and upon testing several thread types we found that there really isn't much in the way of truly environmentally friendly options. 

Cleanr Crates wanted to provide a product that works well for all the pearly whites out there while also being as eco-friendly as possible. Options available on the market are;   

  • Corn starch- found  to be weak between tightly packed teeth and broke off leaving bits in there.
  • Silk-  Please research how silk is made and harvested, as there are very few wild harvested silk option available HOWEVER WE AT HANDMADE NATURALS DO STOCK A PEACE SILK DENTAL FLOSS!
  • Teflon ribbon – Research into Teflon shows that it has some pretty bad traits and we decided that we just didn’t want to go their either! 

Cleanr Crates endeavour to continue to search the market for a more sustainable option and will implement such a product when we find it.

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