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Like our clever laundry liquid, The Probiotic Line 2 in 1 Dog Wash and Coat Conditioner contains the same hard-working Probiotics to rid your furry family members of all the nasty bacteria and build-up of grime, fat and cellulose that accumulates in their coats and skin. These busy little soldiers eliminate pathogens and leave lots of the good guys behind to help keep furry skin healthy and fresh. Made to the same standards as human-use products, you can feel safe applying to your favourite canine friend. All Probiotic Line Products are made with the same ethos – to be effective yet kind to people, animals and the planet. Containing no nasties, our products are safe for the entire family, fur family, and your septic and grey waste water systems. They contain no bleach, petrol derivatives, optical brighteners, synthetic fragrances and perfume, colourings, foaming agents, palm oil products or by products, endocrine or respiratory irritants or disruptors. Even the littlest family members can help to wash the furry members safely - making it a family fun activity. We also invest in recyclable packaging,, adhere to and exceed GMP guidelines and where we can, work to ensure that product miles are kept as low as possible – with international manufacturing sourced to ensure each product travels as little as possible to your home. Usage: 2 in 1 Probiotic Dog Wash and Coat Conditioner is highly concentrated. With traditional cleaning products we are often very heavy handed, adding large amounts to ensure a clean wash. With The Probiotic Line, less is more. It may take some time getting used to using less!! To save on energy costs, support our planet and enhance probiotic performance, we recommend washing in cold or tepid water to ensure our little Probiotic heroes can perform at their best. For large dogs, one to two cap fulls is all that is required, approx. 20/30ml. For small dogs we recommend half a cap full for front end of the body and the other half for the tail end. Work into skin to create a lovely bubbly wash then rise off once completed. For extremely muddy or smelly times, a second wash maybe necessary. No need to add a deodorizing spray as your furry companion will be residue free and will feel lovely and soft once dry.

Ingredients: Hydrosol blends (filtered rain water, rosemary, lavender, rose, chammomile, jasmine, citrine and rose quartz), potassium oleate, potassium cocoate**, potassium olivate***, Cedrus Deodara*** (cedarwood himilayan oil), Mentha Piperita*** (peppermint) essential oil, probiotic strain* (vegan and dairy free). **Derived from fair trade coconut oil. ***Derived from certified organic ingredient.

Dog Wash from Probioticline

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