Cutlery Set and Bamboo Straw by Senda Essentials

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Bamboo Straw + Cleaner




Cotton Bag

FSC Certified Wood


Enjoy any meal or drink in style with Senda's zero waste Beech Wood Cutlery Set & Bamboo Straw!

We have chosen a bamboo straw due to all the amazing qualities of this super plant; it not only has natural anti bacterial properties, meaning it doesn’t require any pesticides or harsh chemicals to grow but also absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen than its equivalent woody plants! Who needs plastic now?

3.5 billion plastic straws are used per year in Australia.

This is why our bamboo straw is such an essential item! Coconut water, juice, ice coffee, cocktails, you name it; the bamboo straw will become a close friend.

You’ll find your cutlery fits snug inside the lunchbox. We recommend after use storing your cutlery inside to avoid getting your case dirty.


Hand wash for best results, not dishwasher friendly.

Do not soak your cutlery.

We recommend wiping occasionally with vegetable oil to maximise your cutleries lifespan.

Use metal straw cleaner after each use to properly maintain the hygiene of your straw.

Cutlery Set and Bamboo Straw by Senda Essentials