Deep Relief Oil from Roseneath Organics

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Roseneath Deep Relief Oil has changed. It contains the old favourite essential oils and herbal extracts in a base of extra pungent Mustard Oil and Calendula Oil. The new formulation has given the deep relief oil a slow release effect which ideally compliments the Fast acting Spray or it can be used solely on its own.

Apply a small amount of the oil and massage into the skin.

Roseneath Deep Relief Oil has been specially formulated for use with Roseneath FAST Acting Spray before, during or after massage.

Contains... GMO Free Ricebran Oil Organic Calendula Flower Extract Ethanol Mustard Seed Oil Methyl Salicylate (BP) Peppermint Menthol (BP) White Camphor Essential Oil Eucalyptus Essential Oil Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil Wild Thyme Essential Oil Cajeput Essential Oil Clove Bud Essential Oil (BP) Organic Juniper Essential Oil Salicylic Acid (BP)

Deep Relief Oil from Roseneath Organics